Focus fold hand towel, ZF2400 SEMAD HYGIENE - FOCUS-FOLD-HAND-TOWEL

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Z-Fold Hand Towel

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Introducing the Focus fold hand towel 

The perfect solution for your hand-drying needs. Measuring at 22.5cm x 24cm per sheet, these towels are designed to be compact yet absorbent, making them ideal for use in small spaces or on-the-go.

The fold design allows for easy dispensing and ensures that each sheet is ready for use when you need it. Made from high-quality materials, the Focus fold hand towel is durable and reliable, giving you confidence that it will perform when you need it most.

These hand towels are perfect for use in a variety of settings, from offices and restaurants to homes and hotels. And because they're disposable, they offer a hygienic solution to hand drying, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.

Upgrade your hand-drying routine with the Focus fold hand towel and enjoy the convenience and reliability of this must-have accessory.