Contract Green Scourers (10) SEMAD HYGIENE - GREEN-SCOURERS

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Contract Green Scourers (10)

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Introducing Contract Green Scourers 

The perfect solution for all your kitchen cleaning needs! Made from high-quality materials, these scourers are designed to effectively remove even the toughest dirt and grime from your kitchen surfaces.

This pack of 10 scourers is perfect for catering and kitchen supplies, providing you with plenty of cleaning power to keep your kitchen looking its best. With a size of 230 x 150mm, these scourers are large enough to cover a wide surface area, making them ideal for tackling big cleaning jobs.

The Contract Green Scourers are specifically designed for use in commercial kitchens, with a durable construction that can withstand frequent use and heavy-duty cleaning tasks. They are also hygienic, ensuring that your kitchen stays clean and safe for food preparation.