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Centrepull Toilet Tissue Dispenser White

€9.13(Excl. VAT)

MARTIQUES 10OZ G/S (48 pack) 3006

€47.99(Excl. VAT)

SPIRIT HOT SHOT 3.4CL (24 pack) 3056e1

€21.90(Excl. VAT)

DUCALE 31CL STEMGLASS (6pack) 3082A2

€10.26(Excl. VAT)

Custom Made Reception Unit Ref SSC 3rd Floor 50%

€7,465.00(Excl. VAT)

Furniture Fit Out Suite 17 3rd Floor 50 Percent

€12,319.50(Excl. VAT)

Evadis Vertical Bulk Pack Dispenser

€12.00(Excl. VAT)

White Desk Gromment Top 1600x800

€133.25(Excl. VAT)

Single Cable Managed Leg 800

€92.50(Excl. VAT)

Single Cable Managed Leg 600

€82.50(Excl. VAT)

Framework Telescopic Beam White 1200-1800

€66.50(Excl. VAT)

White Meeting Table No Grommet 800600

€81.25(Excl. VAT)

Essential Tambour Unit 1970 1000 Goose Grey

€459.00(Excl. VAT)

Tambour Shelf 1000 Grey

€25.00(Excl. VAT)

Standard Locks COde TD0500

€12.50(Excl. VAT)

Master Key

€15.00(Excl. VAT)

Gate 288V Mobile Table In Textured Ral 9006 and Natural Laminate Oak

€249.00(Excl. VAT)

Polypro Seat Reinforcing Studs

€9.70(Excl. VAT)

Super Microbead Cleansing Gel 4,5litre Pump Extreme Duty x 1


€25.87(Excl. VAT)


€37.29(Excl. VAT)

Professional Salt Shaker 7cm

€4.95(Excl. VAT)

Airwick Crisp Linen/Lilac 6x240ml

€12.08(Excl. VAT)

4oz Compostable Paper Watercones 5000

€76.87(Excl. VAT)

Large Round Black Iron Base 720 High

€195.00(Excl. VAT)

1800 x 900cm White Laminate Top Plus Grommet

€550.00(Excl. VAT)

2170 Rocky BR Chrome Finish Frame SK10

€178.00(Excl. VAT)

VM Pole C Clamp Fixed Monitor Arm Silver

€79.50(Excl. VAT)

VM Pole Grommet Clamp fixed Monitor Arm Silver

€105.00(Excl. VAT)

VM Bolt Through Desk Mount

€8.00(Excl. VAT)

Caber Double Monitor Arm Silver

€195.95(Excl. VAT)

Pest Control Monthly Service

€374.33(Excl. VAT)

Water Cooler Service 25 Units Monthly

€871.56(Excl. VAT)

Custom Made Reception Unit Ref SSC 3rd Floor Balance

€7,465.00(Excl. VAT)

Furniture Fitout Suite 17 3rd Floor Balance

€12,319.50(Excl. VAT)

AD08 T-Arm All Black Height-Depth Angle Adjustable

€51.00(Excl. VAT)

White Modesty Panel 1800 Desk

€61.00(Excl. VAT)

Brae Sit/Stand Frame White and Top

€785.00(Excl. VAT)

Repairs to Oasis Kalix Water Cooler

€165.00(Excl. VAT)

Cador low-cut ESD safety shoe with TLS closing

Safety Jogger

€46.83(Excl. VAT)

Concept Operator Chair Black PU Leather

€157.50(Excl. VAT)

T-Adjustable Arms

€45.00(Excl. VAT)

Machine Cutting of Mat to Size

€10.00(Excl. VAT)

Bio Productions Anti-bacterial Cleaner / Sanitiser 30 Sec contact time

€27.71(Excl. VAT)

M/P Stacking Mugs 10.5oz

€7.29(Excl. VAT)

Blue Metal Bin Front Opening Special Once off

€50.00(Excl. VAT)