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Cheepie-Chappie Janitorial Cart with bag

€129.00(Excl. VAT)

Replacement Bag for Cheapie Chappie Janitorial Cart

€34.80(Excl. VAT)

Service cart, with translucent vinyl sack

€326.25(Excl. VAT)

Replacement translucent vinyl sack

€70.62(Excl. VAT)

Base trolley for cleaners

€195.00(Excl. VAT)

Double Bucket Trolley

€286.00(Excl. VAT)

Microfibre Flat Mopping Trolley

€265.00(Excl. VAT)

Sanitising Portable Sink Unit

€1,250.00(Excl. VAT)

24 Litre BUcket with Lid on Castors Blue

€34.61(Excl. VAT)

4 Wheel Dolly Chassis

€73.95(Excl. VAT)

TC20 Ebony Combo - 80mm SYR Castors - YELLOW

€78.42(Excl. VAT)